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I went to Tech Skills for Medical Billing and Coding (billing was a joke. They had us basically fill out the forms that need to filled out and send to the insurance company, something that a 4th grader could do).

Coding was quite difficult, and the one teacher we had was stretched for time, and very limited.

This school is not even recognized by many institutions (like Jewish Medical Center, here in Denver).

After graduating, the staffing company that I applied with said they were looking for people with experience.

One person that was attending when I was there got a part-time job for $12.00 hr, as a coder.

When advertised they said we would be making around $40,000 a year.

I am still doing was I was doing before going to Tech Skills.

You have to pay for the coding test (state test...$250.00, and you better pass, or you pay for the test again.)

Please! Do not waste anything on this place!

All the community colleges can give a much better service, and you will have alot more confidence about passing the state exam when you are done!!

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #945073

I went to Techskills 7 years ago. I operate an escort agency in Las Vegas now.

See how much good Techskills did? Absolutely none. Don't waste your money. It was just a bunch of mentors that sit around and get paid to get you through questions you may have.

It's all computer aided instruction. Hands on class training would be more relative.


no college degree. 8 months of hard work at TechSkills.

I hold Certifications (A+, Network+,MCP, MCSA) and now make $40,000 in my first IT job.

I found the job myself, but got lots of guidance from TechSkills.

Other students have entry jobs starting at $14 per hour. Maybe your problem is you like to blame others for your own lack of commitment.


Any time that anyone goes into a new field there is entry level, experienced pay, and then Management. Anyone that is looking to get training find out the starting pay before you get trained.

Medical coding is only $12 to start and long term with experience you should be in the high 30's or 40K. With experience though....

Do your homework people before committing to anything in life. Do some research you are online look up or


Most people who frequent these sights are victams not victors TechSkills rocks!


Hey, Justo, I paid 6K to the scumbags at TS and they screwed me in the heinie real good. I paid back my loan in full all at once.

I'm complaininig now and I paid off in full. BTW,SLM has the governments blessing to pursue you until you pay it off. It means that they can even garnish your Social Security when you get to retirement age. I attended here in Denver where Justin Halladay STOLE my money by lying to me and deceiving me until his comission was safe and he got paid.

Get your facts straight about SLM and the power lenders have when you sign for that loan.

And NEVER do business with Justin Halladay who is now at Sanford-Brown in NJ stealing from hard working people there. Pass it on.



I have a friend who worked for TechSkills for 5 years and she said there is no such thing as paying 4K for Direct Job Placement. Are you sure you're talking about TechSkills?

Also, anyone who thinks they can take start school for a new career and come out making 40k is delusional. Just like anyone who changes careers, you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Anyone who just gives up because they didn't immediately get what all they wanted in life doesn't deserve anything they do get.

my $.02

Davison, Michigan, United States #126519

I paid in full AND paid an extra $4,000.00 for direct job placement. Passed the National Exam on my very first attempt...

no government grants. Now paying my monthly Sallie Mae loans for a worthless education program in Medical Coding. It happens to everyone...regardless of government grants !!!

And who happens to be paying for those grants in this scam.... YOU the taxpayer !!!


Hmmm...which is better....$0/hour unemployed or $12/hour and working?



I am paying on a student loan..

What an arrogant determination...


The people who complain about TechSkills the most are the ones who go under government grants and don't have to pay a dime.

Funny how that is :roll

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