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I went to TechSkills through WorkForce. I don't even know where to begin.

We will talk about the one located in Addison, Texas.

The assistant school Director is a true piece of work. He sabotaged my education because he wants to play High School games and make employees look bad so he can look like the savior to the Head School director.

There is a counselor performing oral sex on a certain employee. They have time to screw around with each other sexually but they sure don't have time to spend 5 minutes talking to me about certain academic problems. Its not hard to figure out, the door to the office is closed, the lights are out and both cars are still in the parking lot.

The answers to the test are wrong and when you present it to the teachers or school management they come up with some off the wall explanation to make you believe it is correct.

When you take your Microsoft Test the computer blacks out, meanwhile loosing valuable time on your test.

The teachers are OK its a certain manager that wrecks peoples progress.

There was a ton of wireless routers in the closet that probably worked just fine but the assistant school director keeps taking the wireless router out of the wireless lab to minimize coverage and he goes to the server and starts screwing with the connections so you cant plug your computer to the wall. Work Force paid the school 9,000 dollars for my education.

The school claims they help people find jobs and they don't. They lost contracts from employers due to their professionalism. i.e. management.

I can't prove it but the assistant school director made a promise to write in a students time for workforce in exchange for infecting a group of computers in different parts of the school with a virus.

The computers are not linked together so it wasn't possible for the virus to spread. Somebody had to manually infect each computer with a USB port.

I couldn't use many computers and based on my ignorance at the time I was afraid that my laptop would get infected. Now I know better.

The point is, do not go to this school because they want you to know 2 years of education in 6 months. Even if you were a "genius" it's not enough time to learn all the subjects required for certification.

P.S. they don't give you a certificate of completion when you are done with the course, they assume a transcript is good enough.

If you have a question for your counselor he never returns your phone calls or e-mails. Even if you catch him he doesn't have the courtesy to take you to his desk and talk to you, he has you standing at the doorway while he is leaving.

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Well, that is true F*g enabler, but as usual you did not read the article completely and now you have just made a horses a*s of yourself. Do you know how st*pid people sound when they make comments without reading the article completely.

I agree with your comment but unfortunately it didn't have much relevance to the article presented. I gather you are trying to imply that the person is fabricating things to cover for the fact that he or she didn't do well. You can't make that stuff up, it is too much detail to be dismissed as nonsense. Sir, I think you have the reading comprehension of a 3rd grader or you were paid by TechSkills to bash the person writing this article.

You people in TechSkills just crapped in your own food, now eat it! What goes around comes around, and it does, I have seen it.

You people that work for TechSkills can say hello to Satan for me. :grin


99.9% of the complaints about any school for that matter have to do with the students ethics (lack of), will (lack of), and personality (no wonder they are unemployed) more then any other factor. School is not spoon fed nor can you just coast through to the end.

You have to work hard and sacrifice a lot to be successful. Most who enroll in private career training colleges don't poses these traits and therefore fail and blame everyone but themselves.

to FlakeEnablerNot #598666

Here in indianapolis , there is no computer labs nor routhers or hubs,SWITCHESto hook anything up to use as learning aids. the instrutor in charge had to look up each and every answer ask to him in the computer 1st because he could not give an answer on his own.The director of the school new nothing about technology.

The learning tools provided by techskills was a book ( mybe).

So you have tlearn how to memorize the fastest way you can.The director of the school decided that we have to go throuth the whole course then come back and study for the ventors certs.It this smart or what? I call and talked to a mr. joshua at techskills , this man took me for a total fool.

He changed his tele numberso i could longer contact him about how they cheated me as well. but i bet someone else can and he will not bull *** them.


Most of the negative reviews I am reading about the Addison location sound spot on to me. I used to work there.

Perhaps they've completely gotten new staff, new management, and stopped paying the state under the table. When I was there, that was happening. AND the teachers were more like judges than tutors. And the "learning" was to sit at a computer and read to yourself.

You could ask questions, but usually, according to the students I talked to, that was met with a pseudo-hostility for "not doing it right" instead of an offer to help educate.

So perhaps times have changed. Good to know that people are no longer being mistreated and ripped off IF that is the case.


I guess you didn't finish reading peoples complaints or you are just f*cking ***. I know what you put in your mouth and it's not food.


I completed Pharmacy Technician in Cincinnati. The program worked fine for me.

I'm certified and work in one of the hospitals already! I guess you get out what you put in.


I wen to dis skol to get tranin. I gots da gov to pay for me.

Dey dint care dat I had to go to jail and dey kicked me oot. I hate dis plase.


Well, I just finished my program at TechSkills, Cincinnati. I was sent into the market place to a job interview, that I arranged, with an incomplete transcript ( even though I completed the program) and a certificate of completion that looked like it came from a dime store.

My Instructor couldn't (or wouldn't) answer any questions, explain the work or even operate the programs she was teaching.

I completed the program out of sheer force of will.

I would not recommend this program to any one.

Purchase the Pharmacy Technician Certification Review books for your self and learn on your own. You will save thousands and a ton of head aches.


Repent sinners and purveyors of G*d-less education. Woe unto thee that decree thy above G*d as you have schooling.

Satan hides in books of science and computers.

Back into the pit Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Linux. Jesus saves, save thy money and stay ignorant of the perilous web


I personally loved TechSkills. I was a career changer, earned my certifications in record time, passed my vendor exams, and then used career seervices to help me with my resume and was hired prior to my last certification.

That was the norm for all that were enrolled when i was at the Mesa Campus. I would strongly reccomend to anyone that has drive or ambition to get ahead in life.


I am a current student at Techskills and I looked at the contract, according to my contract I was charged $3,000 for Microsoft licence fees. My question is if I paid 3,000 dollars why did my programs terminate after 90 days of use.

I asked my teacher about that, and he never gave me a straight answer. I think what the school is doing, is straight fraud when they charge licence fees and all you get is a 90 day trail version of the program which is free anyway to the public. The st*pid training programs they have were not written by microsoft. The training videos were written by some st*pid company that specializes in online education. But, like with anything you get what you pay for.

They didn't pay very much, so you get training videos that speak in acronyms, you have to stop the video every two minutes and research the vocabulary. You don't need microsoft licencing fees to buy a microsoft book. Any clown can walk into a bookstore and buy a book and get a 90 day free trail program, which is what you get at Techskills anyway.

I read the comment that was made by the suposed student, saying you get what you put in. That is only true to an extent, but when you have some 36 or 37 year old guy who acts like some devil worshiping teenager, puposely screwing with the server and f**king with peoples i.p. adresses so the have a hard time loging in to the free internet that takes time away from your studies. Then you have some evil guy running the school that spies on his employees like it's some g*d dam* FBI office, and personally I don't see what for. He's got some brainwashed idoit working for him shining his door knob every now and then, and they all play this office drama of he said she said, john doe is *** and he did this or that, I thought who cares. The staff should devote their energy in saving their jobs and should not be trying to figure out how they can screw people in the behind in order to get more money. Techskills is some school that offers outdated programs in their curriculum and they don't give you the necessary tools to work with even though you pay $10,000 plus dollars, because they don't have the books you need, or their wireless network doesn't work. It's always something there.

The last lady's comment was: "I got a job and make 20 dollars an hour." Well, nobody said you couldn't get a job with the skills you get at Techskills, the complaints are about the sabatoges and the fact that the school is making no effort to help their students find employment. Also as an employer I would wonder why a recent graduate would be getting a certificate in Fortran or Lisp or Microsoft DOS, just kidding, they are not that far behind, but the porgrams are about 10 years old compared to what has come out recently. Then you here some old Fuddy Duddy say: "the last time I checked there are no councelors in school." I thought well, I guess those people in the office are just secretaries and st*pid salesman. I do agree in the fact that many questions on the test were flat out wrong and the labs that were written were written by some lazy as*hole that just wanted to get the job over with so he can get paid.

In the labs you have to figure out how to get to certain steps because the author of the lab will write step one, then he will jump to step 6. For somebody that has no computer knowledge, this is bad, alot of time is wasted trying to figure things out. Then the teachers that are paid to defend the schools pathetic actions, say well, thats a good thing, it develops your anylitical thinking skills.

I say if the school wants to "develop peoples anylical skills", then they have to be realistic and give people more time. The school in essense is to f**k people out of their money and shove them through the courses, people have a basic understanding of the courses they took, but they don't know enough to get a job in the field they studied in, and they certainly don't know the material well enough to successfully pass the microsoft exam.


I have been to college and to TechSkills as well. You get out of it what you put in.

I completed my courses in time and passed my Vender's exam's first time.

Other students didn't do as well.

I guess they didn't put in the hours, or didn't study.

I have a new job and a new career. I make about $20 per hour.


Dallas, it's a place for self taught programs and cost nearly $2000. lmao.


I\'ve been attending the Techskills in Addison for almost a year. Nothing in the complainer\'s post sounds at all like the school I am attending.

I am a jaded and cynical person and this place impresses even me. I paid out of pocket and it was worth every penny. I did the work to get ahead and now I am making good money in a stable Network Analyst job and d*** proud of it, hard work + hard work = satisfaction. Oh yah, the career director got the job for me.I can reach my instructor (they don\'t have any counselors here last time I checked) anytime as he gave me his cell number and he is always reachable by email even on weekends.

If a test questions looks wrong to me but the instructor tells me its right, its right.

They haven\'t let me down yet, six certifications later and a full time job. If I see anything I will be sure to be posting back...

Kham Thale So, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #230314

All the comments about this school is true. I had problems with the wireless lab. I did point out the incorrect answers to the test and the teacher did come up with a b*llshit explanation on why the test was correct.

Yes, it is true about the counselors being pathetically horrible about returning phone calls and e-mails.

Don't waste your money comming to this school. Try to go to a community college, if funding is a problem you will need a student loan or financing for community college. 99% of the allegations are true. Don't waste your money comming to this school.


I do believe this. I am currently enrolled in Charlotte, NC.

About the wireless connections I think is because of their cheap equipment. The virus I believe completly because they don't spend the money to pay for an antivirus, they use the free ones online, and yes, they do update their information constantly, especially with the test answers. so you can remember them. Techskills is a cheap school, I do not recommend it to anyone.

And yes, they expect you to learn something in just a few months, why.

they sooner you finish, they faster they get pay. That is why they give the answers to everything.


I do believe this. I am currently enrolled in Charlotte, NC.

About the wireless connections I think is because of their cheap equipment. The virus I believe completly because they don't spend the money to pay for an antivirus, they use the free ones online, and yes, they do update their information constantly, especially with the test answers. so you can remember them. Techskills is a cheap school, I do not recommend it to anyone.

And yes, they expect you to learn something in just a few months, why.

they sooner you finish, they faster they get pay. That is why they give the answers to everything.


As the aforementioned “assistant school director”, I find it repugnant that someone can slander and insult while hiding behind a poorly spelled and offensive pseudonym. I would more than welcome any suggestions for improvement and feedback, provided it’s based in some form of reality and at least has some shred of truth to it.

The majority of this post is so insanely fabricated and it’s pointless to respond to outright lies. I would like to clarify a couple of points that at least hold some hints of reality.

- Yes, we are getting hit with interference daily causing students to get sporadic wireless connections. We suspect our close proximity to Addison Airport is causing it, but we are countering this by broadening our wireless spectrum and improving our AP layout.

- Our network did in fact get infected by a worm. The Conficker.b variant, which takes advantage of an exploit in shared drives, removable drives and the autorun feature in Windows, took our network down for 2 days. Contrary to the OP’s assertion, there is zero glory in destroying your own network.

- Our testing preparation material is constantly being updated to keep pace with changes in the marketplace. We are human, if a mistake is made we work very hard to make sure it gets updated as quickly as possible.

- We absolutely do challenge our students to complete their program and achieve as thorough an education to and to attain meaningful certifications in the best possible time frame. We are a school that excels at empowering adult learners the ability to change their lives. All of us at TechSkills take great pride in what we do, including myself. Nobody is perfect, but it is extremely disappointing and frustrating to see outright lies posted online with no accountability to their fabrication.

to Seriously... #598669

How much are they paying you.Boy you are one great big *** hole sucker, do you leave any thing up the butt? You can not speak for other person or place. So this makes you the big *** kissing lier

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