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Tech Skills fees are high, and they will not refund the money. I joined for a CCNA class for each class tuition fees cost are more than $2500 +. I happen to take the same course/class in a community collage near me for $350. The time fame for CCNA is very limited at Tech Skills, and only if you were a self-educator would that collage be of any help. Moreover, beware of their cancellation policies you have only 3-day window and if not you are loose $800 +. I lost my $ 800 to TechSkills, even though I did not even begin my class for another two weeks. Tech Skill blames on some State Law, which allow them to rip-off from the canceling students.

My advice to the students is to think twice of going to Tech Skills, and look out for the same programs offered in your community colleges next to you. If not look for the Alliance program in your neighboring community colleges that would save you lots of money.

Schools like Tech Skill just have one or two servers and routers whereas most community colleges have 8 to 10 servers and devices. Tech Skills are always understaffed and help comes at cost of the students.

My personal experience tells me Tech Skill is a rip-off college. Please read the reviews of others with regards to the Tech Skills; my experience says they are unbiased reviews and true to heart.

Now you decide to be looser good luck and join the Tech Skills any ware in U.S.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I would not recommend TechSkills, then again I couldn't b/c it is defunct. When I did attend in Greensboro & Raleigh they were unable to keep a consistent teaching staff, who were amateurs at best.

Administrators were just as bad. I have a MS degree so I knew when I was in a good class. All info. was by online instruction; no one to to refer to if you posed a question; and hands-on was non-existant.

I finally attended a community college where there was real instruction sessions. Techskills is out of business: Good Riddance !


Tech Skills is the greatest. If you need training for the hottest career fields, this is the place.


I attend techskills for the microsoft office specialist certification.They have taken me from knowing very little to being fully operational with the microsoft office program.

My grades started out average and progressively got better. I really like it because I dont have to attend everyday,and they're open on Saturday. Im 28 years old and far out of school but this experience has helped me build onto my career


I also was taken by Tech Skills. The person that "recruited" me was "no longer with Tech Skills" two days after she talked me out of $7000.

Should have been a BIG red flag. One on one? More like there are two people who sit in the classroom and tap you into a computer for a multiple choice test you can memorize and ace every time. I was also turned down for jobs because of lack of experience.

Does anyone recognize Tech Skills programs? I haven't found any.

It's been 4 years and I'm going to be paying for a long time to come. Don't waste your time or money.


Dallas, 100% agreed with kevin cary. it's a place for self taught programs and cost nearly $2000. lmao.


I took the medical billing/coding program at the Techskills in WI in 2007.

It was the biggest mistake of my life. I took out a 7000 loan to sit in their outdated lab doing tests that didnt prepare me for anything.

In my one year at the school 2 teachers quit!!! That's right I had 3 teachers in one year. after completing my program it took me over a year to find a job in the coding field. It took me about 2 weeks into my job to realize that the school preparted me for nothing.

I tried to get my money back, and I was literally laughed at.

The Job advisor there refused to help me find work!!! Dont waste your time or money at this school.


do not go to techskills because they are a ripoff so stay away from them.


Surprised on the feedback. I took one course in Tampa and they were very fair.

Explained things pretty clearly and I was able to finish my program and get certified. I had fallen behind on my work and they worked with me. Nothing bad to say but nothing great to say either.

It's school! You just have to be focused and want to get it done.


went to Techskills and I have some good and some bad to say. From what I know Megan works at Techskills that explain her post. I never had a problem with her I just stayed away from her ?-? not a friendly girl so you know. Da instructors really come up to you and say ( Hey you need to take a test ) Funny hu. Yea its a Certification school not a training school. When I left there I got let go from my new job due to lack of computer knowledge. I tried getting help from the instructors but it was kinda hard. they only have one or two real lab computers.They hardly ever use them.I asked for for help on a subject for 3 days straight but never got it.

Ho yea what does Thought Paterns class have to do with IT they forced me to take it just to kill time and so they can get paid more money watch out they do that you study at there speed not yours ?? Think about that..

Okay GoOd things are parking is free and all of my certification was paid for by the state. All i did is took da practice test over over and over and passed ...They know they didn't care.Every one does it there.

If you are thinking of going go for it but first read reviews there are many on this skwel some goo but most bad Da good are passed of by Techskills employees bad are mostly from pissed of students

Im kool I got certified and now working with a company that is retraining me hands on ..Not a bad deal

Shots out to Cathy in da financial aid da medical Instructor Sunita you two rock. Hey Gabriel you still cant find a job lol supper senior When are u ganna leave man its been a while I wish you luck buddy lol

Wouldn't do-it again


I currently enrolled in techskills in Raleigh. I would have to say my experience has not be positive.

Techskills has very old equipment. Most of my online labs usually do not work correctly. As for the one to one, well that really does not exist. They do have instructors by they are all part-time and it really not one to one.

If you are a person learn only through self taught programs this might be the place for you other wise I would not recommend Techskills to anyone. They over charge and under deliver.


I went to go check out this school. Well I really liked everything about it.

The people seemed nice, the students there looked unstressed, and the instructor even game me 5 minutes to explain what each certificate is for. Everything seemed good until it was time to talking about the money. My parents are paying for school with the little money they have. So when I asked for financial aid, they said I did not qualified because they go by my Fafsa from 2008, which my parents were doing good.

But now we bought a house before then my mom lost her job. So now I had to get a job. This was the whole reason I wanted to go to this school.

So now I don't know about this school. I mean I know why it is expensive, but they seem to only want straight cash.


If Dwayne kind find a job with that much education there is something wrong with him sorry dwayne you need to be pointing the finger at your self. John you bought 10 months of training and only completed the A+ program you deserve to pay 12000 for that.

Nicole C TechSkills has over 50000 happy graduates sorry that you are going to miss out by hanging out in web sights like this.

Megan you dont even make sence and the rest of the complainers you will always be victams! TechSkills rules and you complainers drool.


I signed up for IT Training. They made numerous promises of jobs at the end of the training.

During my time there I had met with their job placement individual, who told me of all of these great possibilities he had available. Well he got me one interview that was it. It did not pan out because I did not have the necessary specialization requirements. That was it.

Now I did obtain my A+, Network+, MCSA and MCSE and did so with a 3.9 gpa. They have since changed the definition of job placement assistance and here I still sit. I finished school in 2008. No job yet, and it is not for a lack of trying on my part.

Their idea has been to look on web job sites and forward the information. Which I have and will continue to do so. Most of the time trying to find an instructor to assist for questions. At one point, in order to get questions answered I had to be there at only certain times because the part time instructor only worked certain times and days.

They are accredited but it is a different type of accreditation that real colleges give.

Meaning your credits will not transfer if you want to go for a degree some where down the line. It is expensive for what a person gets in return.


I signed up for IT series and completed A+ and now I have to repay a loan for 12K.


TechSkills is a rip off, they told me and my neighbor that we couldnt' get our financial aid money. I started in Sept of this year and I am supposed to gradutate in April of 2010, they told us that we couldn't get our money until we completed 125 days after we started our Microsoft course.

Thats a month before we are supposed to graduate. What sense does that make? I have never heard of such. Also, their generator or whatever it is keeps shutting down when we are in the middle of doing our work.

WOW!!! Go figure that one out.

If someone does have a lawyer please let me know I would greatly appreciate it or if you can tell me who I can contact for my troubles! Thanks


Thanks so much. You guys saved me.

Consumers should stick together and speak up on the web more often. Everyone's trying to rip someone off these day's!


I have been dealing with TechSkills for two years. There program for PharTech looked too good to be true and the instructor took forever to answer my questions.

I also had to repeat five classes I had already taken and aced at another school. Now I am paying Sallie Mae $5600 for nothing... I didn't use that much but TechSkills will not tell me the dollar amount I owe, nor will they help me out. Instead I'm paying on a loan that isn't even the truth.

Sallie Mae is horrible as well... they harrass you with phone calls and do not answer your questions.

Ravenna, Kentucky, United States #82150

My experience was impressive beyond words. I typically don’t write these things, but these people bent over backwards for me.

One example is early on my computer failed. I was starting to fall behind. The director of the school saw that I was stressed out one day and asked me what was wrong. I told him about my PC trouble. He smiled and offered to help, I said I would take it to geek squad when I had enough money. The next day when I was in the break room. He brought me a laptop. It was his older laptop. He said I could use it as long as I needed to and told me to give my computer to an instructor to fix it.

Seriously what school will go to that level for a student. I have been to CC’s a state school and now certification training as an adult. I must say this place rocks, I'm sure there are people that struggle with the intrinsic motivation factor. It’s the same people that blame everyone before themselves. I’m living proof. You will see from the first day that this place is different. I hope this review helps you all good luck.


I contacted Techskills about an A+ certification, and now they won't stop calling me! I even asked them to place me on their do not call list, and the very next day i got a call from a different person!

Not going to use their services!

Camp Verde, Arizona, United States #78617

Wonder if those you just complaint and dont do anything but complaint are certified now???? The Program works and getting certified is the the end result! All resources included- books, course guides, hands on labs, yes---online cbt, exam prep downloads, instructors to assist one-to-one, onsite authorized testing center, paid retake voucher if needed, resume help --- works for me :)

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