7 years ago I signed up for a (membership) to Techskills(Kansas City) and was unable to follow through because of legal problems. I took the course for approximately 1 hour and was unable to finish.

I had people get a hold of them to let them know that I was unable to finish and all they did was take the money and run.

Now the lender (Key Bank, whom they don't deal with anymore) is holding me accountable for it 7 years later and have my credit report messed up so I can't buy a house. Now I am up in arms trying to figure out what to do to get this straightened out.

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I probably worked there when you signed up and YES Techskills is a JOKE. I was the best at my job (wont say cause i dont want you to know who i am) but it was the rest of the crew who were worthless. The cost is NOT worth it - just by some CD/DVDs and a book and learn on your own youll be alot better off in the long run.

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I thnk we worked there together...i was there from the beginning....yes this place is a joke but as you know we worked with what we had to work with...MGT is a JOKE, mostly retards...I knew when I started this was going to be a short gig but ended up being there 7 years. I am surprised they lasted this long.

I just checked their website and its down so I think they are completely shut down, now.

Good luck man in the resolution to your problem. I know when I was there we had a lot of success.


They are very willing to work with students that communicate with them. It's all about proper communication.

Many schools can only communicate with other family members through a power of attorney and legal documentation giving them permission.

They would have honored your enrollment after your legal problems were corrected. You should have reached out to them and see what they could do about helping you get the education you paid for rather than a refund as most schools do not offer refunds after a set amount of time.


Sounds like you need to stay out of trouble and none of this would have been a problem.


Sounds like you need to stay out of trouble and none of this would have been a problem.

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