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I attended Techskills School in Denver Colorado, and I sincerely regret it. They charge a $2500 volume licence fee for their "training" software which is hardly worth its cost, a compilation of redundant questions that hardly prepare anyone for the actual exam, the "Testprep" Software is most likely plaigarized from handbooks.

If anyone is considering Techskills for anything, I would say don't. Go to a community college and take the same classes, plus youll get health insurance and people who actually care about your success.

Carmen Robl and Justin Halladay of the Denver Techskills campus are Consumer vampires waiting for immigrants and people who just want to improve their lives a little.

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For the student that said one day cost him $6K that is not true. They have a cancellation policy just like any other school.

The problem is students only attend one day and then don't respond to communication attempts. It is school and adult learning. Something you should want to learn so you put in the hard work that it takes to learn something new. As for the Tampa location there is only one Admissions Counselor and Five Instructors...

Hmmmmm..... They offer Certification Programs. Yuo get a certificate of completion for completing the course but that does not mean anything to an employer you are correct. That just means you passed the class good for you.

You have to sit and pass the Certification Exam in order to have it mean something.

That is when you gain the credential when you can prove that you have retained what you learned not just a certificate stating you have gained knowledge. Get certified after the class that is what carries value.


I completed the MCSA program and work at Cerner now making more money then i have ever made and i love going to work now. Thanks TechSkills for helping make my dreams come true!

to Systems Admin Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1241835

Good luck at Cerner...worked there many years...i bailed years ago and now make more than most executives there make...


Justin Halladay has moved to NJ, where he is now STEALING from the residents of that state. BEWARE!!

He's working for Sanford-Brown which ahs had MANY of their own complaints. Tell everyone you know to not go there.

Ravenna, Kentucky, United States #82149

My experience was impressive beyond words. I typically don’t write these things, but these people bent over backwards for me.

One example is early on my computer failed. I was starting to fall behind. The director of the school saw that I was stressed out one day and asked me what was wrong. I told him about my PC trouble. He smiled and offered to help, I said I would take it to geek squad when I had enough money. The next day when I was in the break room. He brought me a laptop. It was his older laptop. He said I could use it as long as I needed to and told me to give my computer to an instructor to fix it.

Seriously what school will go to that level for a student. I have been to CC’s a state school and now certification training as an adult. I must say this place rocks, I'm sure there are people that struggle with the intrinsic motivation factor. It’s the same people that blame everyone before themselves. I’m living proof. You will see from the first day that this place is different. I hope this review helps you all good luck.


Your comment clearly proves that the TechSkills spelling department is drastically underfunded and needs to be shut down.


I too went to TechSkills here in Denver for 1 day. It cost me 6K with no recourse. Justin and Carmen ARE consumer vampires.


I agree wholeheartedly. I have been in the IT business for 17 years and I never encountered a business as poorly run as TechSkills.

The "mentor" (instructor) who started helping me got into a shouting match with one of their salespeople, interrupting a key training session. Very unprofessional. Plus their training credential meant nothing to the interviewers on my first job interview after completing the training.

The TechSkills office here in Tampa has more sales people than instructors... that should be an important warning sign.

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